Our Mission & Vision

Our Vision

To transform Hong Kong into a world-class city of knowledge, culture and innovation.

Our Mission

1. For Hong Kong to become a world-class city, we must promote responsible and democratic citizenship. Therefore we shall:

  • educate the public on various social issues, so they may be become better-informed and develop stronger critical thinking skills; and
  • promote civic participation, primarily by hosting public policy debates, seminars and conferences, to encourage solving problems through democratic processes and community involvement.

2. For Hong Kong to play to her strengths, we must harness the cultural resources from both Chinese and Western traditions. Therefore, we shall:

  • educate the public in Chinese scholarship, so that Hong Kong citizens may learn more about our Chinese cultural heritage, in order to maintain Hong Kong's unique cultural diversity in an increasingly globalized world; and
  • educate the public in Western scholarship so that citizens may understand how mainstream Western culture is shaping the world economy and global relations.